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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Cyber Insurance Renewal

Achieving Success in Your Cyber Insurance Renewal Something new is happening in the world of cyber insurance – have you heard about the way that policies are being written now? Can you anticipate how your application may change? Hopefully you have, but if your renewal period hasn’t rolled around yet, you might be out of […]

5 Ways an IT Provider Makes Your Job Easier

Leverage a Managed Service Provider to Improve Your IT Function If you’re in charge of making IT-related decisions or overseeing IT staff, there’s a lot on your plate.  You’re responsible for everything from procurement to support tickets to budget planning to vendor management. How can a managed service provider ease the burden of IT? No […]

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Every healthcare practice has its own goals, needs, and challenges when it comes to technology. The right managed service provider can determine the failure or success of those IT goals. How do you find a MSP that understands your specialty and has a strong pulse on your needs? Let’s look at seven questions you should […]

8 Signs that You Need to Outsource IT

It’s Time to Invest Better Resources into Your IT As a business leader, it can be hard to identify when your IT isn’t growing alongside your business. Oftentimes, it’s a case of simply not knowing what you don’t know or don’t see because IT is the forgotten or unseen heavy lifter behind your operations. High-growth […]

What is a Technology Roadmap?

Building Your Long-Term Technology Roadmap What is a technology roadmap and why does your business need one? This is a strategic, living document outlining the technological direction of your business. A good technology roadmap helps communicate the “what” and the “why” of IT to decision makers, and also guides your IT department by providing the […]

Lessons Learned: Ophthalmology EHR Data Breach

Ophthalmology EHR Compromised On December 4, 2021, EHR vendor Eye Care Leaders suffered a data breach, specifically of its cloud-based myCare Integrity platform. Eye Care Leaders provides 9,000+ physicians with EHR and PM solutions that are specific to ophthalmology. The security incident allowed for unauthorized access to the myCare Integrity’s EMR databases (hosted on AWS), […]

What to Expect from Cyber Insurance Applications in 2022

Applying for Cyber Insurance Cyber insurance claims have increased as successful cyber attacks have heightened, causing insurers to implement a much more detailed and exhaustive underwriting process. The days of quick cyber insurance applications are long gone – so what can you expect in the years to come? How can you provide insurers with an […]

6 Myths About Outsourcing IT

As a first-time exhibitor at ADAM’s 30th Annual Conference, Dedicated IT surveyed dermatology practice administrators and managers to learn about common IT pain points. These are our findings.