6 Myths About Why You Should Not Outsource IT

6 Myths About Outsourcing IT

It’s Time to Say “Yes” to an IT Provider

Could a managed service provider be the partner you need for IT? Let’s break down the six myths we commonly hear about why companies cannot outsource IT support and management.

“We just upgraded our technology.”

That’s great! A good IT provider isn’t looking to add more to your stack, upsell you, or make IT complicated. Our job is to leverage the technology you already have and make IT run more efficiently. We might even reduce costs by identifying redundant or wasteful technology.

“We already have someone who takes care of IT.”

We love working with companies that value their IT resources. Whether your IT staff is a whole department or just an individual, Dedicated IT can provide your IT staff with the bandwidth to work proactively on core issues vs. whack-a-mole reactive support. Plus – haven’t you ever considered what it would look like to have additional hands on-deck when your team needs specific expertise, takes vacation, or simply feels buried?  

“We are too small.”

This is one of the most dangerous approaches a business can have when it comes to IT. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean catastrophic IT issues won’t arise or that you’re not a target for cyber attacks. No matter the size of your business, you deserve an IT partner that helps you prepare for IT time bombs and build a secure infrastructure.

“We don’t have the budget for it.”

The IT budget is a concern for every business, often because it’s an area where it’s easy to overspend. That’s why we’re so focused on providing predictability to IT costs. Within the first months of partnership, we are determined to find ways to stabilize the IT budget – and we have been successful at it!

“Our current IT provider built our infrastructure.”

You’re not stuck with the same IT provider forever – you can make the switch! Our technicians are experts in understanding and upgrading environments, creating a strategy, providing support, and maximizing profits.

“We never outsource anything, ever.”

We get that – but what do you do when you need very specific IT expertise? What happens if a disaster strikes your organization? Working with Dedicated It isn’t your typical outsourcing experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate easily, as if we were on your staff.  

Finding the Right IT Provider to Outsource IT

It’s a tough decision to make the move to outsource IT, but with the right managed service provider, the return could be:

  • Deeper insight into IT projects
  • Daily tasks completed more efficiently
  • Stable and predictable IT costs
  • Dependable, high-quality IT support for your staff

Don’t wait until something breaks or someone quits. Contact us today to gain access to our team of in-house IT technicians and support specialists.

It might be time to outsource IT