5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Cyber Insurance Renewal

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Dedicated IT Celebrates National Video Game Day by Hosting Employee Fundraiser for Red Apple Supplies – Education Foundation of Palm Beach County 

LAKE PARK, FL – July 15, 2022 – Last Friday Dedicated IT celebrated National Video Game Day (July 8th) with their team by hosting a company-wide gaming event where employees submitted a donation to play. Organized by Robin Stark, Executive Assistant to Managing Partners, and Kelsey Poole, HR Generalist, more than 23 employees participated or donated, allowing Dedicated IT to raise $650 for the Red Apple Supplies program. 

“Creating a fun work environment is essential to our business, especially because of our ever-evolving hybrid workforce,” says Kelsey. “Our team has worked hard to find unique ways to involve our employees, celebrate fun holidays together, and kick back at work, while at the same time doing something that allows us to give back to our community as a team,” adds Robin. 

“Dedicated IT is on a mission to make people and organizations better tomorrow than they are today,” says Aaron Underhill, CEO and Managing Partner of Dedicated IT. “Our company is proud to be able to match the donations our employees submitted, and we look forward to hosting more events like this to give back to our local Palm Beach County community and beyond.” 

About the Event 

Dedicated IT employees donated a minimum of $5 to play the online game Krunker.io. Once donations were submitted, they were able to select a time slot to play. On the day of the event, their team joined each other live via Microsoft Teams to participate in or watch the matches and ended the fun with a celebratory virtual happy hour afterwards.  

About Dedicated IT 

Dedicated IT provides organizations with an IT service experience like no other. Everything we do is with the goal of making you better tomorrow than you are today. We want to see your business operate without IT disruptions and restrictions and innovate more than ever. Our tailored support and service model was built from the ground up with you in mind. We deeply invest in learning how your business uses technology, its security posture, and issues that will quickly turn into IT time bombs, then present a technology roadmap to help you avoid all headaches. Support from Dedicated IT only gets better with time, as we gather more data points from your technology that can be used for optimization. 

About Red Apple Supplies – Education Foundation of Palm Beach County 

Red Apple Supplies, one of Education Foundation of Palm Beach County’s signature programs, is a free teacher resource store to equip teachers with essential school supplies for their classrooms.  Since opening in 2016, Red Apple Supplies has distributed over $1 million in school supplies to Title I schools. During the 2021-22 school year, Red Apple Supplies distributed over $1.4 million in free school supplies to over 52,131 students in Palm Beach Country; served 76 Title I Schools with 83% or higher Free and Reduced Lunch Rate; and expanded inventory through STEM, Health, Financial Literacy and Digital Inclusion sections.  

The mission of Red Apple Supplies is to serve the educational and creative needs of children in Palm Beach County public schools by providing a means to transfer donated school supplies from businesses, organizations, and individuals free to teachers for use in classrooms throughout the school year. 

Upcoming Events with Education Foundation of Palm Beach County 

Dedicated IT is a proud sponsor of the Education Foundation of Palm Beach Country’s upcoming Heroes for Education Run Walk, happening on Saturday, October 29 at John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL. To learn more about this event, please visit here

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Cyber Insurance Renewal

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Cyber Insurance Renewal

Achieving Success in Your Cyber Insurance Renewal

Something new is happening in the world of cyber insurance – have you heard about the way that policies are being written now? Can you anticipate how your application may change? Hopefully you have, but if your renewal period hasn’t rolled around yet, you might be out of the loop.

Underwriters are no longer assessing the way they used to, and insurance companies are no longer writing policies the way they used to. Your organization must understand its risk profile, implement enhanced controls, and be able to demonstrate how you prevent ransomware attacks. If not, you will struggle to complete the in-depth assessments waiting for you in your renewal period. Here are five ways to prepare for your next cyber insurance application.

1Develop an Application Renewal Plan

The first step in any formalize cybersecurity program is a plan, and it’s no different for cyber insurance applications. You must identify your renewal date and build a timeline around that. Find last year’s application and reference it so that you understand what you submitted previously. Now that carriers are raising rates, lowering coverage, and requiring new controls, you need all the information available to you.

As part of your renewal plan, request early application review. Get a copy of the new application and start asking questions about what has changed with your cyber insurance provider. What is required? What can you expect from similar clients? Is the risk profile based off last year’s approval?

2 – Assess Your Security Maturity

Through self-assessments, you can score your security maturity. This will give your team an idea of where to start when it comes to cybersecurity gaps and what underwriters expect. Assess yourself against the latest cyber insurance application criteria like internal and external controls, email security, disaster recovery processes, and more. Survey your vendors to learn if they meet your security requirements.

You can start preparing for your renewal with our self-led security risk assessment.

3Map Controls to People, Vendors, and Resources

It’s critical that you have a specific person or team responsible for all application criteria. A critical ways to prepare for cyber insurance renewal is to identify who is responsible for:

  • Internal controls
  • External controls
  • Microsoft 365 controls
  • Preventative controls
  • Security governance review
  • HIPAA review
  • Asset review
  • Patching baseline
  • Zero trust baseline
  • Disaster recovery processes

4 – Address Problem Areas in a Technology Roadmap

A technology roadmap a strategic document outlining the technological direction of your business. It gets everyone on the same page. It changes your IT department from being in reactive, fire-fighting mode to predictable, proactive action. Meetings will transition from deciding what to do to knocking out tasks and roadblocks. It guides your IT department by providing the master list of IT projects that need to be completed. A technology roadmap will be part of your evidence that underwriters can review to determine your commitment to cybersecurity.

5 – Remediate Priority Needs Before Renewal

Once you’ve prioritized your technology issues into low, medium, high, and critical items, it’s time for remediation. Details and transparency matter and can make or break the outcome of your renewal. Be sure to clearly articulate the investments and improvements you are making in cyber risk mitigation.

Even if you cannot remediate prior to renewal, you can at least show underwriters that you have taken some type of action, or, at the minimum, have outlined a plan to address and remediate these vulnerabilities. Even if your remediation plan needs to be rolled out in phases over several months, underwriters will want to know it is underway.

With the right guidance and planning, you can renew an existing policy with minimal changes in coverage or fees – but it’s critical that you understand the changes in the cyber insurance industry and how to fill out a detailed application. For support during your next cyber insurance renewal, let Dedicated IT help.

5 Ways an IT Provider Makes Your Job Easier

Leverage a Managed Service Provider to Improve Your IT Function

If you’re in charge of making IT-related decisions or overseeing IT staff, there’s a lot on your plate.  You’re responsible for everything from procurement to support tickets to budget planning to vendor management. How can a managed service provider ease the burden of IT?

No time to focus on IT? We know.

Effective IT can run efficiently and effortlessly. By partnering with a reliable IT provider, you won’t have to waste time think about routine IT issues or improvements. Instead, you can focus on the big things.

Too busy to oversee vendors? We manage that.

An experienced IT provider understands your technology, your vendors, and the concept shared responsibility. By offloading vendor management to a manage service provider, you can hold vendors accountable to your security standards.

Inundated with staff questions? We’ve got you.

Questions and IT issues coming from your staff can become an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. A good managed service provider will have a streamlined way to troubleshoot issues for your staff – usually a help desk that provides much-needed, on-demand support.

Surprise IT costs? We don’t do that.

You don’t want surprise costs or fees, and neither does a trusted IT provider. Their mission is to develop an improved, cost-effective, stable IT budget that aligns with your organization’s goals. 

No path to growth? We scale.

Your technology should promote growth. Outsourcing IT to a managed service provider can give you the ability to scale because you have access to new resources, new talent, and additional support. Technology should never hold your organization back from growth.

When you’re ready for a scalable, stable IT strategy, Dedicated IT will be ready to help. You can leverage our comprehensive approach to IT and our team of in-house IT professionals that are ready to improve your IT function through account management, remote support, and even field service.