IT pain points for orthopedic professionals

What are the Most Problematic Technology Issues for Orthopedic Professionals?

Dedicated IT was recently an exhibitor at the 2022 AAOE Annual Conference in Chicago, the leading industry meeting for orthopedic practice management professionals. As the top managed service provider in the healthcare space, Dedicated IT wants to discover specific pain points about IT within the orthopedic sector. The more we know, the more we can support practice managers and customize an orthopedic-specific IT support model.

Speed, Support, and Collaboration Issues

In our survey at the AAOE Annual Conference, we found that the most problematic technology, according to orthopedic professionals, are:

  1. Speed and Performance
  2. IT Support, Operations, and Experience
  3. Phone and Collaboration

These three factors outranked issues with EMR or LOBs, wired or wireless networking, compliance, security, and data protection.

The speed and performance of technology is essential to orthopedic practices, for both staff and patients. Every healthcare practice uses a huge amount of technology to deliver patient care. There are employee workstations, patient portals, billing software, communication tools, telehealth applications, EMRs, imaging, and even something as simple as the Internet. The speed and performance of all technology is critical to orthopedic professionals because so much depends on it, from everyday practice management tasks to live-saving procedures.

The daily maintenance of IT infrastructure is also weighing on orthopedic practices. The crux of IT operations is the right staff – whether internal or external – but our survey shows us that practice managers are struggling to find the right IT talent. Issues with IT operations causes daily bottlenecks that impact both staff and patients.

Phone and collaboration tools are critical to all healthcare practices, but in the orthopedic specialty, it’s especially crucial. Each day, practice managers communicate with staff, patients, vendors, and other healthcare partners via phone systems and collaboration tools. If this technology presents challenges to orthopedic practices, it quickly impacts employees and patients.

Supporting Practice Managers in Orthopedics

With the right strategy and partner, speed, support, and collaboration don’t have to be problematic area in technology. Practice managers deserve to leverage IT that builds an even stronger, more streamlined practice.

The Dedicated IT events team will continue to collect data around IT pain points and problematic technology throughout the year, spanning several healthcare specialties. Will we see you at our next event? We hope so!

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